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Smart Contracts Enabled

2% fee unchanged since the ITN

ASSET Stake pool was consistently ranked in the Top 100 performing pools in the last months of the ITN network by the Daedalus wallet.  We are bringing the same level of performance to the main network. 

So far we have not missed making a block on the Mainnet.

Look for the ASSET ticker with the ITN verified Green Shield check mark.

Pool ID:  9429e7fed8869710ba128e5bd788558ef1446caa577341b4d84ccf5
Pool ID on Daedalus: pool1js570lkcs6t3pwsj3eda0zz43mc5gm922ae5rdxcfn84gu5uyrg

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Scattered Coins


Stake Confidently and Securely

100,000 ADA Pledged


2% fee

Low Latency, High Power UK Based Relays

Relays support Cardano users on both sides of the Atlantic 

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Thank you to all our delegators!

Analyzing Graphs


Experienced & Professional

UK Based Stake Pool Operator

UK Based Hardware

Proven Track record from the ITN and the HTN


Genuine ITN Pool with a GREEN SHIELD tick mark on Pooltool


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The Ultimate Delegating Experience

I am an experienced IT professional committed to running a successful decentralized Cardano Node from the United kingdom

ASSET runs high-performance relays for users on both sides of the Atlantic, leveraging the UK and London's prime location for the underwater communication cables.

The ASSET ITN pool is still alive and well and ranked in the Top 10 pools.  I keep this pool running to continue supporting the community and developers even though there is no financial incentive.  At this point in time, I am simply amazed at how well the ITN blockchain is continuing to run as more and more nodes are retired.  It provides more experience in running a Peer to Peer network in preparation for Mainnet switching to that technology.

Like all pools, ASSET needs a stake delegated to win the chance to make blocks for the Cardano network in the UK. 


Thank you to all our delegators for your trust and investment.  So far we have not missed making a block.  

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Thanks for submitting!

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The main risk with staking is picking a stake pool that is not reliable.  This can lead to missed blocks and missed rewards. 


Servers are located in UK data centres with ISO 27001 certification.

Only official Cardano Software is used, not forks


I typically test the latest software for two weeks and stagger updating the relays to minimise production problems with the latest software.  I always ensure the latest software can pass an epoch boundary successfully before committing to push the Cardano node software to production.  The backup server is kept at the Latest minus 1 version until stability is proven.  Currently, all core nodes and relays are running 1.35.3

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